Beauty, Smoothness, Uniqueness. Made in Kudetà.

Made in Italy. Made in Kudetà.
Kudetà, a young name but holding a long history, over 40 years long. Under the sign of the family tradition, but with all that new generations’ sparkling innovative energy, it represents a small company but able to stand out in the market, as example of a product culture still believing in the quality of “hand-made in Italy”.

Why Kudetà creations come so special? First, materials, those refined natural leathers scrupulously selected. And then craftsmen manufacture with all its techniques, such as the “sacchetto” one, or goodyear (the upper directly sewn onto the sole), making the shoe extremely flexible and ergonomic. And again the “plunged” treatment, a particular bath of color able to confer a one-and-only tone to all single models.
Material, production and, last but not least, design, always aiming at new aesthetical and functional solutions.

A made in Kudetà shoe is conceived for the foot to feel it as a second skin, to offer besides refined beauty also the highest comfort. Every Kudetà creation is entirely hand made and holds within the value of those wise working hands… and what may seem a “flaw” is actually a distinctive sign, of uniqueness.